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Lawrence Widdoes (b. 1932 )
Concertino for Brass Choir

1. Fast (quarter note = 176)
2. Slow (half note = 48)
3. Very Fast (quarter note = 144)

4. Wallingford Reigger (1885-1961)
Nonet for Brass, Op. 49

Morris Kainuma, tuba soloist

5. Hoagy Carmichael (1899-1981)
Stardust (arr. John Iveson)

RJ Kelley, French Horn soloist

Alfred Reed (b. 1921 )
Symphony for Brass and Percussion

6. Maestoso
7. Largo
8. Con Moto

Janko Nilovic (b. 1941 )
Double Concerto pour Trombones

Joseph Alessi and James Markey
Guest Artists and trombone soloists
9. Introduction
10. Théme/Variations
11. Interlude
12. Final

13. La Virgen de la Macarena (trad.)
arr. Charles Koff

David Schneck, trumpet soloist


Conductor- David Chamberlain

Dominic Derasse- all tracks except Nilovic
Frank Hosticka- all tracks except Nilovic
Bruce Staelens- all tracks except Nilovic
Tim Schadt- Reed and Virgen only
Matthew Ragsdale- Reed and Virgen only
David Schneck- all tracks except Reigger and Nilovic...trumpet
soloist on Virgen

French Horns
RJ Kelley- all tracks except Nilovic, horn
soloist on Stardust
Patrick Pridemore all tracks except Nilovic
Jan Paulson- Reed, Virgen only
Anita Miller- Reed, Virgen only

Bradley Ward- all tracks
Robert Suttmann- all tracks
Jeff Nelson (bass)- all tracks
Johannes Pfannkuch- Reed, Virgen only
Brian Mahany- Nilovic only
Joel Shelton (bass)- Nilovic only
Terry Pierce- Reed, Virgen only
Arthur Baron- Reed, Virgen only

Morris Kainuma- all tracks except Nilovic
tuba soloist on Reigger
Mike Christianson- Reed, Virgen only

Glenn Rhian (timpani)- Reed, Virgen only
James Musto- Reed, Virgen only
Greg Landes- Reed, Virgen only

Guest Artists- Nilovic only
Joseph Alessi, Principal Trombone
New York Philharmonic
James Markey, Assoc. Principal Trombone
New York Philharmonic




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